The Liberation Immersion that changed everything

Today's blog is about the Liberation Immersion Retreat I facilitated at Noosa last weekend, with 6 incredible souls, clients and now - family.

My oh my, how to find the words to truly articulate the beauty, depth, and sacredness of this experience.

It'll be a challenge!

I would like to express some of this experience to my community, to inspire and uplift you this Saturday.

I've been inspired by the idea of Liberation for a long time, and even more in this last 6 months after learning some advanced energetic techniques from my Energy and Soul Medicine Mentor - Melissa Sandon.

Liberation is something that can take place across every level of who you are, and we can also take on the role of the 'liberator', meaning, this can be an experience you feel, and also one you become.

To become the liberator is to tell the absolute truth, firstly to yourself and then to others. This is something I found so admirable in my clients who attended the retreat, everyone committed to utilising this incredible opportunity over four days, to be honest, and share honestly.

From this place, there were moments that were confronting, many moments of silent contemplation at the dinner table and moments of unhindered laughter because things all of a sudden became crystal clear.

There were endless opportunities to share what was on our hearts, as a group, in private sessions and in partnership with another person. This was a mixed gender retreat and it was one of my greatest blessings yet to see men become deeply empowered, by learning to be both strong and vulnerable and to be in support of the women they had just met as if they were in support of every woman on this planet.

We, women, held a container for the men to get to see who they truly are, to see what we see in them and to feel our tender hearts wide open in trust of them. It was revolutionary and continues to unravel me.


Creation was also a key theme and energetic activation. That is, how to become your own creator or creatress in a world that makes you believe you simply cannot.

There were so many layers and veils dissolving minute by minute. Truth-telling was piercing through any illusion that arose, almost instantly.

The truth that we were learning as a living, breathing, expanding organism, was


I am the universe creating itself, as the universe has always done. When you connect with the actual vibration of these words, and you realise you are truly made of the same atoms as this universe we are participating in, everything changes.

By the end of the retreat, there was a knowingness that you could feel in the air. The breath was a breath of choice to BRING IT ALL. For us, this meant, to bring all of what life wants to deliver, all of what the soul wants to deliver, all of what the universe wants to deliver.

The breath out was a sharing of this knowingness back with life. It was a commitment to this life and a choice to participate in all it brings, with the heart and mind wide, wide open.

True surrender AND true strength.

Deeply committed to staying in truth, no matter what.

This is the first of many sharings of this experience, in the hope that it touches you deep in your heart and you get to feel the ripples and faith that change is truly possible for us all.

Here’s a casual conversation with Alex, who shared this experience with me.

P.S I'm moving to the Sunshine Coast in September, so please get in quick to arrange your get acquainted call here if you have been curious about exploring Energy and Soul Medicine sessions, so I can get to know you, and you, me.