Are you accessing your true possibilities?

Today's blog is about accessing possibility.

One of the core drivers for me hosting the first client Liberation Immersion in Noosa was to tend to one of the core challenges I see many clients facing, that is the epic challenge of accessing the multiple possibilities, ideas and options they have in front of them.

There typically is a sticky 'fogginess' or lack of clarity that prevents people from us all, at times, from seeing what is truly available to us.

I've noticed a trend over the past couple of years working with clients privately, at first there is a desire to connect more to themselves and their soul.

With consistent session visits, the client begins to meet their essential soul-self and the curiosities begin flowing in...

Do I want to change my career path?

Are my values changing?

Is my current relationship serving me?

Is it time to move to a new city?

Is it time to invest in learning a new course?

These questions almost always arise, in some way, because as we get closer to ourselves, we actually listen to our truth.

Once you start listening to that truth, the next step is to acknowledge and prioritise it. This can take weeks, months or even years.

It took me over a year to answer my souls calling to leave my corporate job and move back home with my mum. I resisted, and that's totally ok, it's part of the process, however, part of the reason we cannot see, feel and know our possibilities is because we live in a time of immense stimulation, overwhelm and pressure, especially if you're in a big city or work in an intense environment.

What I found on our Liberation Immersion, was a flinging open of possibility, because we practiced over a four day period, what it is to unwind and unravel from the stress that's based on survival - at a core cellular level.


When all we're thinking about is how to get through the stressful day, we cannot flick the switch to seeing the endless possibilities in front of us.

Once you give yourself consistent space, time, and replenishment (at a soul level), you begin to rewire your brain to possibility and higher thinking. This is the front part of the brain known as the 'prefrontal cortex' (close to your forehead).

When we're stressed, lacking soul connection and feeling disconnected, we are literally living in the past and drawing possibilities from the limited constructs of what we know, rather than from the endless options in the space we don't yet know (i.e. the mysterious, uncertain spaces).

Possibilities are accessed from our higher energetic and brain states, and immersing yourself in soul healing work is highly transformational in making this possible.

This doesn't mean you need to take yourself away from life for four days (although I recommend!), but I would like to plant the seed for you to think about ways you can prioritise your soul's nourishment, so you can begin to untangle from everyday survival stress that prevents your true liberation.

How can you change things up?

How can you spend more time in nature?

How can you spend more time playing with your dog, basking in the sun or writing in your journal?

How can you invest in your own energetic and soul upgrades?

How can you put yourself first by tending to what holds you back in accessing more possibility for yourself?

These things might seem like nice to have's, but I would argue that this is THE most important thing if you want to become free - soul comes first.

Find what works for you, to prioritise your soul nourishment, so you can begin to access your possibilities as soon as possible.

You deserve it, and it is possible.

P.S I'm moving to the Sunshine Coast in September, so please get in quick to arrange your get acquainted call here if you have been curious about exploring Energy and Soul Medicine sessions as a way to deeply nourish your soul. Believe me, you will not regret it.