Keep going.

For many of my clients, and for myself, life is feeling really intense.

I personally believe we are in the thick of the storm, and if your anxiety and insecurity is intensified at this time, if you don’t know what you feel or think, what step to take next or how to help yourself to be ok with change, I want to offer some encouragement, and also some hard truth.

Life can be hard.

Things aren’t always going to go to plan.

People are going to upset you.

You are going to feel out of control. Maybe even crazy at times and like your going backwards.

Your beliefs, desires and truths will change again and again.

You might not like that.

And yet, you must keep going.

By keep going I mean stand at the centre of yourself and feel the bigness of who you truly are.

Feel the stamina of your heart - it’s strength.

Here’s a short video on the topic!


Why might you be delivered tests and challenges at this time?

In my experience, I have been consistently experiencing a number of challenges, that follows with insight and clarity. It is cyclical, and part of my continual evolution.

Sometimes I feel so fatigued in that challenge that I struggle to get up and show up in my life.

Then I remember that perhaps this challenge has been brought to my attention to support me to step further into myself so I can know myself more. 

The cycles have gotten tighter and clearer, and now it is crystal clear that this is true.

I have surrendered to this, and that feels deeply peaceful.

Even if tired, sad, and uncertain, I will find an energy within myself to propel myself forward. I simply must do that because I value this life way too much to not live it, and it’s just not an option to give up. The only choice is to BELIEVE in possibility.

The best solution to this problem so far - help someone else.

When I feel really stuck in my own personal healing and wounding, I focus even more on supporting my clients, my friends and anyone around me to a space of love.

This opens my heart and reminds me of the bigger picture.

How can you help someone today?

How can you breathe, step forward, and offer your vulnerable open, challenged heart to someone else? How can you make them the most important thing, as a way to make yourself the most important thing?

Every time I step into a space to support a client, I am ALWAYS transformed in the experience. You don’t need to be in the healing space to help someone, everyone has the capacity to help.

Give it a try, see how it feels, and let me know if this inspired you!

P.S If you are based in Sydney/Camden, I recently shared Im off to the Sunshine Coast in September! If you have been feeling like exploring this work, I encourage you to reach out and book in some time to chat as soon as you can! I would love to support you before I leave the area!