Growth, Moving to Noosa and Love

I find growth fascinating, it happens in so many ways. It bends us and changes us and presents us with opportunities that first feel like deep pain and unfairness. Yet every single time I feel the unfairness, or injustice, or perceivably cruelness of life, I am shown the crystal clarity of its wonder and ability to shift me into a new state of knowing myself and the world.

Every. damn. time.

I know for myself, I’m constantly growing and learning new things. Ever expanding.

Even when I don’t want to.

Even when it feels really nice exactly where I am.

Something shifts, I want more. Well, my soul wants more.

She wants more truth, more becoming, more passion, more intimacy, more aliveness.

My current relationship has been a beautiful example of this.

Closeness with someone you truly love can feel like it almost breaks you, in order to GET YOU to your core, to get you focused on what truly makes you happy, to understand what is absolutely your own responsibility, and to shake you awake to honesty on every level.

She also wants simple.

Love feels simple.

Simple allows for easeful change and effective decision making.

Simple allows for self responsibility and forgiveness.

Simple allows for presence to what is right in front of you.

Simple drinks in gratitude.

Here’s a 5 minute chat from me, that delves into where I’m at a little more (apologies, the end got cut off!)..


So, with all of that, I hope you feel that I’ve been on a journey, one that now feels quite simple.

The next phase on this epic life journey is to move to the Hinterland in Noosa, with my partner, to explore a life deep in nature, and in simplicity.

We want to live light on the earth.

We want to create cool things.

We want to let our love grow.

We want to dissolve meaningless distraction.

I cannot wait.

I have huge soul-led desires, dreams and realities to bring into form AND I’m also ready to move even more slowly and simplistically than ever before.

I wonder what I can create for myself, my clients and this world, from that place?

I recently let my clients know that I’m moving, and shared how incredibly grateful I am for the intimate connection I’ve made in my home town in Camden.  I want to say this AGAIN, because it is the truth - I am BEYOND grateful for every single personal connection, transformation and continuous outpouring of love I receive from the community that has supported my early growth in building a business post Corporate life.

You will never truly know how impactful you have been in my life.

Now, back to the move!

We’re moving to the Sunshine Coast of QLD in September this year, and I have some awesome ideas as to what I would like to create, here’s some off the cuff inspirations:

  • Members area on website for my community to utilise a meditation library, energy activation exercises, and updates/talks from me

  • Weekly Soul Client Cast via ZOOM - questions answered, community spaces to feel connected as you change, to openly share biggest challenges, learnings and life transitions

  • Group online healings via ZOOM and co-creative sessions - spaces to check in and explore your energy from home, with my support, in a collaborative way

  • An app for soul healing - down the track, I would love to create an app that acts as a portal for soul connection, things like how to get out of ‘stuckness’ when it arises, collaborations with other soul living humans, community chat space, event calendar

  • 12 month VIP client journeys - private 1:1 journey with online components as well as in person immersive healing experiences (in Noosa and possibly Sydney)

  • Full day client workshops - one day retreats in Noosa and Sydney

  • Immersion Weekends and Weeks - Retreats in Noosa

  • Speaking on stages around the country

  • Writing a book!

I'll be taking some time off between September and November (not sure of exact timings yet), to spend time in nature, and with each other. This will give me some space to let NEW things blossom within my soul, relationships work and life.

What that means is I would LOVE to call in anyone you may know, within the Camden/Sydney area, to take advantage of having a conversation with me about how I may be able to support you in your healing and life with Energy and Soul Medicine.

I’m still very much focused on supporting women (and now more men) to release anxiety, unlock intuition and expand into true potential. My programs have been expanding and creating almost instant life changes, we are in a gateway of opportunity! If you feel someone needs my support I would love to speak with them as soon as possible to ensure I can support them before the way I work changes, and my location changes.

I have a beautiful free offering that you can access below, and some wonderful recent blogs that you (or someone you know) may love to check out, to get a feel for what I love to share and create with others. You can also email me at

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