Becoming you

I've been quiet here, because, transformation...

Here's why.

There is a great fear in becoming who you really are

It will unravel you, untangle you, pierce you and pull you

It will ignite the fire in your belly and womb and it will burn the remnants of illusion from your bones and your skin

It will carve you, and depth you, and shift your whole reality on its axis

It will beckon the call to your truth, again and again and again

It will make you question everything you know, and everything you thought you knew about you

It will make you feel you're not human and then pull you deep into your human as f*ck-ness

It will activate your cells with new energy that pulses through you like lightning

It will pull you away from trusting yourself, just to hold you again in your own arms with full unconditional love

It will crack open your heart and invite it to enter the world, from the underbelly of your existence, from where you have spent most of your life

It will shake you, rattle you, and cut off your ability to express, so you can come back in pure, real, red-hot truth

It will make you feel like an experiment, walking a path that only you are creating, step by step, learning, learning

It will bring you deep into feeling alone and isolated, and then invite you to leap into total connection with everything and every one

It will want to pull you out of it, multiple moments of your day, it will want to pull you out of your potential and make you hold your breath

And it will soothe you, while it liberates your everything


She's Grace (colour)-43.jpg


It will integrate you, it will meet you with open arms

It will love you like you’ve never felt love before

It will show through your eyes, that you’ve travelled deep and wide

It will sparkle from your pores

This is the space of transformation, and it’s what I signed up for

Sometimes it breaks me
Sometimes it opens me
Sometimes I feel so good I might explode
Other times I wonder if I can survive it

Yet, I wouldn’t change a thing, it is the path of the soul, the path of space, the path of presence, and I am that path


Lean into your transformation
Notice how it moves you
Let it rock your world